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Bug 1271 - is the /home/common/matlab/fieldtrip_private symlink still needed?

Reported 2012-01-20 10:15:00 +0100
Modified 2012-04-11 16:48:38 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: core
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Mac OS
Importance: P3 minor
Assigned to: Robert Oostenveld
Depends on:
See also:

Robert Oostenveld - 2012-01-20 10:15:07 +0100

this should be shortly discussed at the next FT meeting. If all agree, then I'll delete that symlink. PS note that this is a FCDC internal affair and does not relate to or affect external users.

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2012-02-08 13:46:50 +0100

discussed on 08-02-2012; symlink can be removed (only one neutral vote)

Robert Oostenveld - 2012-02-08 14:08:01 +0100

roboos@mentat001> cd /home/common/matlab/ roboos@mentat001> ls -ald fieldtrip_private lrwxrwxrwx 1 roboos coherence 17 Mar 13 2008 fieldtrip_private -> fieldtrip/private roboos@mentat001> rm fieldtrip_private and it's gone

Robert Oostenveld - 2012-04-11 16:48:38 +0200

I cleaned up my bugzilla list by changing the status from resolved (either fixed or wontfix) into closed. If you don't agree, please reopen the bug. Robert