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Bug 2522 - ft_appenddata returns sampleinfo-error when concatenating channels

Reported 2014-04-03 10:52:00 +0200
Modified 2014-05-14 20:08:52 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: core
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Windows
Importance: P5 major
Assigned to: Robert Oostenveld
Depends on:
See also:

Stan van Pelt - 2014-04-03 10:52:21 +0200

When concatenating data over channels using ft_appenddata, an error is returned saying that 'sampleinfo' is missing from the input data. both datasets I put in actually do have the same sampleinfo-fields. When looking in the code, it seems that a line like "data.sampleinfo = varargin{1}.sampleinfo;" is missing around line 254. If I put it in, the code runs fine.

Robert Oostenveld - 2014-04-03 11:08:30 +0200

Hi Stan, It probably relates to a change to the code I made yesterday evening. I will fix it. Robert

Robert Oostenveld - 2014-04-03 11:12:44 +0200

The bug was indeed related to a change in revision 9336 related to bug 2518. I have fixed it. roboos@mentat001> svn commit ft_appenddata.m Sending ft_appenddata.m Transmitting file data . Committed revision 9339.

Robert Oostenveld - 2014-04-03 11:16:02 +0200

Note that I also uncommented a section of code related to trial info. This was commented out by Jan-Mathijs in revision 3896, see it is unclear why it was commented out and the comment "bugfix - #845 sampleinfo should only be initialized if required in output" does not seem to indicate that it should be commented out.

Robert Oostenveld - 2014-05-14 20:08:52 +0200

closed several of my bugs that have been resolved